19 mars 2011

On  the  Art  of  Lee  Lawson
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes 
author of Women Who Run With the Wolves

Lee Lawson's gifts as an artist are evident not only in her superb technical skills, nor only in the ethereal palette she creates for her work. Even more so her gifts derive from an ability that is older than time....... the ability to envision. 
She has clear memory of things that dance, hide, misbehave, dream, sleep, appear and disappear in the human psyche.
In myths and dreams, the unconscious__ both collective and personal__ is often symbolically portrayed as a great body of water. Lee Lawson's work clearly reflects  those oceans that surge and thrive beneath our mundane consciousness. 

+ + +

She is as much a shapechanger as she is an artist; a human being one moment, a sea creature the next. 
Only a person who navigates the interior life on a regular basis can consistently  bring such spare but evocative images to canvas. 
 Her work, most richly viewed as both outer and inner seeing, testifies to the fact  that she is a rare artist especially skilled in bringing to the surface mysterious yet clearly stated first person accounts of the deep imaginal world.

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