1 décembre 2023





Parallel Eyes - Alessia Rollo

The “Walking forest” is a winter ritual that takes place in Satriano. As many of them the origin of this ceremony got lost in memory but the symbols connect it with pagan rituals in honor of Dioniso, the God who dies and reborn, who is connected with the purification of the land through the fire and many other things.










30 novembre 2023



 Calm see at Z...

Paul Klee

Taken by the Waves I by Mori Yūzan




Moonrise - Sunset




The man of the future

29 novembre 2023

27 novembre 2023







 Marine Lécuyer









25 novembre 2023










 Edgar Degas




the body remembers

Mary Herbert

Julie Nangala Robertson
Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) Pirlinyarnu #5942/21

24 novembre 2023





Nadeem Karim




Adrianna Ault





Olgaç Bozalp









22 novembre 2023