2 janvier 2011

Papier Mache, sand, grass tree stems 

Papier Mache, sand, grass tree stems 

papier mache, sand, grass tree stalks 350 mm x 270 mm 

paper, teabag paper ,gum leaves 250mm x 300mm


En parcourant l''immense site de Sophie Munns et particulièrement cette page - visual artist - 
                                                               j'ai découvert Ruth Asawa.

Ruth Asawa next to one of her first large crocheted sculptures, early 1950s.
 Photo by Imogen Cunningham.

Untitled, S039, 1959. Hanging five spiraling columns of open windows. 
Crocheted monel wire (24" diameter x 84" high).

 Untitled, 1995. Tied wire.
Photo by Laurence Cuneo.

Untitled, Tied wire.

 Untitled, 1972. Tied galvanized wire (72" diameter x 12" high).

Ruth Asawa working on an early tied-wire piece in her studio, 
early 1960s. Photo by Imogen Cunningham.

 Untitled, Tied wire. This sculpture hangs on the exterior 
of the Oakland Museum of California.

Ruth holding a paper fold in which she has already painted a pattern, circa 1975.

Untitled (S.052)

Galvanized steel wire
33 x 32 x 32 inches

Ruth and Janet Barber in Toluca, Mexico, 1947.

beaucoup à découvrir sur son site

Hommage to the seed

Pod Forms. Acrylic and pigmented ink on linen by Sophie Munns.


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