29 novembre 2010

For the last three years, I have been developing a body of light works, where light is used not for illumination, but for object making. During my career as a "maker", of solid objects, I carefully lit the objects, so that each piece was "seen at its best". With this current work, the solid object is a lens, I carefully light it with the intent that the resulting reflections, and shadows make a light object, that will be "seen at its best".
The solid lens I create, is a glass panel that has reflective silver and/or copper imagery. This lens is mounted perpendicularly onto a wall or into a corner, and then illuminated with carefully targeted light. This results in reflected imagery above and cast shadows below the lens.
I have a strong response to the glow of light. Light is alive and vivid. It's energetic and interactive. When installed, these light sculptures change and intensify the wall color, actually animating a wall's vertical plane.
Recently, a museum curator's response to a light installation was "I can't believe what my eyes are seeing". I took this as high compliment.

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