26 septembre 2010

Ce matin, via all the mountains, j'ai découvert  Sibella Court via
Design Sponge qui propose une série de photos que j'ai aimées.

Imagine that there was a beautiful shop that was more like a gallery, and every three months would take on an entirely new theme, no detail would be left untouched, a 10-color color palette would be chosen, and everything inside would be curated to match. even the color of the front door would change. well, it’s not a dream, and it does exist – in australia. the society inc., a shop run by sibella court in paddington (a suburb of sydney), is a true vision, and today we are pleased to not only have a look into her shop (second part of post), but also her home, where she lives above the shop. it is truly a labor of love, and a style that is beautiful, elegant and all her own. sibella also currently has a new book called, etcetera etc, available exclusively through anthropologie stores (currently US only, with a march 18th release date for the UK). mark your calendars now to catch sibella on the july 21st episode of keith johnson’s man shops globe. click here for more gorgeous images of sibella’s home – all which were shot by chris court, sibella’s brother, who photographed most of her book!

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