30 mai 2010

For Transcendence I have created a series of tall, life-sized, iconic, elliptical mixed media constructions that explore the theme of transcendence and transition – mystic journeys and rites of passage.
Over the past 30 years, my work has evolved from flat, pieced, wall quilts concerned with interrelationships of colour and geometric patterning, to 3D mixed media constructions concerned with creating form and structure as a vehicle for surface design and containment.

I am interested in working with archetypal shapes that connect us to memory traces from deep within our shared collective sub-conscious. I use construction methods and details that are inspired by fundamental, critical, structural relationships existing in nature and the built environment. This universality allows the viewer to relate to the work on multiple levels – both conscious and subconscious, personal and communal.
In works such as “Navigation”, “Minoa” and “Voyage”, horizontal, ribbed wooden frameworks and interconnected systems of layered screen support a collage of diverse materials – a reservoir for the transformation and synthesis of disparate elements.
Repeat units of embedded, felt based textile laminations, each a small, solid surface of colourful metallic fabrics or embellishments play with light, reflecting a shining radiance.
In “Sufi” and “Passages”, a secondary projected shadow-form of varying densities is created on the wall behind, substantially extending the presence and dimension of the work.
The overall effect is an intriguing dialogue between the tangible material body and the sense of an intangible, ethereal spirit.
This meticulously constructed body of work calls our attention to the beauty of balance, harmony and order and suggests a dramatic sense of mystery and dynamic equilibrium.

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